Big Game Cot


This light weight portable cot will hold up to 1500 pounds and weighs less than 1 pound

Long Slide Locks


The long slide lock can be used on land for slide cables or in the water for drowner sets. Sold by the dozen

Old School


Old School is a lanolin based anise paste it will not lay down like other cheaper paste lures.

Red Thunder Urine


If you like to use Red Fox urine you will love Red Thunder Power Urine. Made from some of the best urine in the country.

Nasty Stuff


This lure turns into a paste when the weather is cold. It has a rich and strong fish odor. Exellent product comes in 4oz plastic jar

Buck Tooth


A very strong and heavy castor based lure. Blended with oils beavers love to bring them in.

Rat Gut


Grandpa Jake’s has developed a deadly muskrat lure in “Rat Gut”

Slammin Salmon


A great lure developed for use at a dirthole. Slammin Salmon is a very srong oil based lure that brings them in.

Diggin Hard


Shellfish based but very heavy and does not wash awat easily. This is a good one.



These 18″ gauntlets are great for keeping your hands dry in water sets or keeping the scent down on land trapping. A Must Have Item

Double Stake Swivels


These well constructed double stake swivels are the answer for soft ground. Simply cross stake using these swivels and they provide a great anchor.Very hard to pull out.

Sifter Box


This heavy duty sifter box is a must. Made of solid construction for year of use on the trapline.



Hi-vis florescent flagging works for marking those hard to find sets.

Speed Dip


This dip will put a protective film on any steel trap.Drys in 2-3 days and comes in a 1qt container

White Trap Wax


This odorless trap wax is recommended for all steel traps used on land and water. Caution hot wax is flammable.