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Bear Down Food Plot Seed


Bear Down is a blend of

  • Rape seed
  • Alsike clover,
  • Hunter brand ladino cloverr,
  • Med red clover and
  • Purple top turnips.

This 4 pound bag will do a half acre. 

Big Game Cot


This light weight portable cot will hold up to 1500 pounds and weighs less than 1 pound

Scent Balls


Note: If you are located in Canada or Alaske please call us for shipping information (888-215-BEAR (2327) or 920-648-5943

New biodegradable hanging ball will keep out the bees and make the ball last even longer.

Scent Block


New Product. This Scent Block is a smaller version of our famous Scent Ball. Same great capability – lower shipping costs.

Weather slowly dissolves this 6 lb. ball, dripping fresh scent onto your bait site. Works great if you can’t bait daily

XS Extreme Bear Attractant


Our new XS Extreme series of aerosol sprays really pack a punch. We can not ship aerosols to Canada or Alaska. If you are from Canada or Alaska please call us to discuss shipping options. We are not able to ship this product with USPS.


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