Welcome to Bear Scents LLC

Makers of the highest quality bear scents and bear attractants on the market .

Who we are:

Bear Scents LLC was started in Lake Mills, WI in 1981 and has since grown to become the leader in hunting attractants. Bear Scents continues to develop new products, expand current offerings and make company and product acquisitions that make good business sense.

Our family of companies include Grandpa Jake’s Lures, a trapping lure company started in 2005 by Willie Jacobson and Whiskey Legends, a company offering display kits that allow you to create professional displays for your trophies. 

If you have any questions about any of our products please call us. If you are ever in the Lake Mills, WI area and would like to stop in you are always welcome to do so. Please call ahead so we can be sure to be here for you.

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